Tommy in Groningen 16th april

Seen Tommy in concert? Where? What did you think?

Tommy in Groningen 16th april

Postby Roland » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:55 am

I saw Tommy a few times in recent years. In particular, the small family concerts in Switzerland (Aarberg) I will never forget. Last Saturday I took the opportunity and attended the concert in Groningen in Holland, because I'm currently on vacation. I have read the reports here on the forum, Tommy with band likes not all. The concert in Groningen, however, was absolutely world class. The sound was true, the band was great and the chemistry was there.
Two criticisms: Too bad you can not make more photos (Tommy has a gallery and an extra for it) and a shame that Tommy after the show did not come to the fans. I would have gladly sent him greetings from Switzerland.
But it was unique and I would visit any time a concert by Tommy with a band.
Greetings, Roland
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